Partnership for New Kent Charter

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCOMM) serves as the executive agent of the Partnership for New Kent. On behalf of PNK, the EXCOMM aspires to ensure the alignment of County government, the citizenry and the financial resources of the County with a trajectory of excellence leading to the most desirable state for New Kent County.


Governance: The Governance Committee serves as PNK’s face to County government, elected, appointed and employed. Its principal role is promoting citizen engagement in concert with the operations of County government.

Education Subcommittee: Coming soon…

Strategic Planning: In coordination with the EXCOMM, the Strategic Planning Committee is drafting New Kent County’s first Strategic Plan. Strategic Planning is a continuous activity of PNK. The new Strategic Plan will be updated semi-annually to address the evolution of the Vision for NKC.

Infrastructure Subcommittee: Coming soon…

Financial Oversight: Annually, the Financial Oversight Committee will provide an independent review of the County’s budget for the upcoming fiscal year, ensuring that the budget is aligned with the Strategic Plan and the County’s means.

Land Use: The Land Use and Ordinances Committee will undertake a comprehensive review of the current NKC Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances.

Citizens Outreach: The Citizens’ Outreach Committee is charged with building broad public support for PNK because serving the present and anticipated needs of NKC’s citizenry is the sole rationale for the Partnership’s existence.

Social Services: