Initiatives and Activities Overview

In 2018, 24 New Kent County residents and property owners decided to devote their time and energy, their professional know-how, and their personal funds in an effort to provide positive influence in New Kent’s future. PNK2030’s focus is on long term goals, including helping the county develop its first Strategic Plan and revising the outdated Comprehensive Plan and Zoning/Land Use Ordinances. Additionally, we advocate for extensive and direct citizen involvement with our county leaders. As citizens, we want to partner with New Kent County elected officials to address key concerns voiced by residents, including:

  • Invest new tax revenue in New Kent’s Infrastructure – including broadband, water and sewage systems, public safety and schools
  • Plan for the future of the county – listen to citizen voices, not outside developers
  • Ensure transparency in county governance – hold public hearings for all land use permits and long-term planning decisions

To further these goals, PNK2030 has undertaken several initiatives and ongoing activities aimed at fostering good government focused on the good of the county, not individual interests or random development.

  • PNK2030 has successfully convinced county leadership of the value of a Strategic Plan and encouraged the establishment of a Strategic Plan Steering Committee to guide the creation of the county’s first strategic plan.
  • PNK2030 has revived the county’s stalled attempt at providing broadband Internet access for all New Kent residents. Our outreach to county officials has resulted in the appointment of a new Broadband Advisory Committee. The current committee is the county’s second run on this critical infrastructure issue. PNK2030 is committed to assisting our county leadership in succeeding this time.
  • PNK2030 has commissioned an in-depth review of the Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances. This was followed by a thorough forensic analysis of NK County financials.
  • PNK2030 conducted interviews of potential candidates for the NK County government, and has endorsed those who share our values and vision for the county’s future.
  • PNK 2030 member Robert Hopewell, III and NKC Supervisor Patricia Paige have been working behind the scenes on the widening of I-64.

You can read more about these activities: