Partnership for New Kent 2030 Charter

Executive Summary: New Kent County is located between two dynamic metropolitan populations: Richmond‐Petersburg and Williamsburg‐Hampton Roads. Accelerated growth is likely, and the County must be prepared to accommodate and leverage this growth to the benefit of both current and arriving citizens.

The overwhelming sentiment of today’s citizens is a shared desire to remain a distinctive community characterized by a rural configuration, its centuries’ old heritage, and a non-intensive commercial profile. It is the mission of Partnership for New Kent 2030 (“PNK2030”) to preserve and enhance these characteristics through proactive involvement and productive engagement with local government.

In 2018, a series of actions and inactions by local government drew the attention of a group of New Kent County citizens. Some of these citizens were generational residents while others had arrived in the last decade or two. This New Kent County group of like-minded citizens would eventually form PNK2030. Discussions lead to the formation of a committee structure consisting of five committees, with the proviso that the chairmen of the five committees would comprise the PNK2030 Executive Committee (“EXCOMM”).

The committees are:

  • Governance
  • Financial Oversight
  • Land Use and Ordinance
  • Citizens Outreach
  • Strategic Planning