NKC Planning Commission Meeting Notes

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When PNK members attend a New Kent County Planning Commission meeting, they may takes notes on what happened; we will publish them here within days after the meeting, much sooner than the publication of the meeting’s official minutes.

Planning Commission Meeting Notes

Planning Commission Meeting 18 February 2020

Summary: Amy Pierson (D3) elected chair; Laura Rose (D1) elected vice-chair; Joseph Davis (D5) and Gary LaRochelle (D4) replaced retired Edward Pollard and Richard Kontny; Schedule for new Solar Farm public meeting; No new business discussion. Meeting Notes: All commissioners were present. Two commissioners have retired, Edward Pollard and Richard Kontny. The commissioners replacing them are, Joseph Davis and Gary LaRochelle. The only business was to elect 2020 officers. They are the following: Chair, Amy Pierson (D3) Vice Chair, Laura Rose (D1) Public Hearing Chair, Continue reading →