Important Updates!

John Poindexter Stepping Down as the Chairman of the Partnership

On April 10, 2020, John Poindexter relinquished his role as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Partnership for New Kent, but he remains a full Partner. He is as strongly committed to the Partnership as previously during his tenure as Chairman, and expects to remain a financial and intellectual contributor to the Partnership’s mission.

With the advent of the COVID-19 health crisis, John came to realize that acting as chief spokesman for the Partnership from far outside the County was impractical and will continue to be so in view of continuing interstate travel restrictions. Though Mr. Poindexter is invested heavily in New Kent, his principal residence and company headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

The Executive Committee of the Partnership will meet to discuss and select a new chairman. Meanwhile, we remain indebted to John for his leadership in setting up PNK and look forward to an ongoing professional relationship with this truly remarkable man.

The Partnership continues its involvement with the New Kent County administration during the present crisis and strives to be helpful in improving the County’s future prospects. Please let us hear your views during these difficult times.

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PNK requires the participation of all New Kent County stakeholders, a true partnership between the elected and the governed (citizens). We need all of you. We invite everyone to join this effort and help our county be the best it can be. This may be the one and only practical chance many of us will have in our lifetimes to truly make a difference for our wonderful county. We believe in New Kent County – we have all chosen to live here. We can all have a positive role in our future.

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