Interested in running for public office in New Kent County?

Jan 22, 2019 –

2019 is the year we elect our local government as well as our Virginia Senator and Delegate.

This November, we vote to fill all five Board of Supervisor positions, four Constitutional Officers and all five School Board positions.

If you’re interested in running for any of these offices, contact Karen M. Bartlett, NKC Registrar at 804-966-9699,  Ms. Bartlett provides guidance on how to submit your application and supporting documentation.  Deadline to apply to run as a Democrat or Republican is March 28.

To run as a “party” candidate (Republican or Democrat), you must also obtain the nomination of the local party committee.  Contact info is provided below:

  • Republicans, contact Mark Daniel, Chair NKCRC, 804-966-2423,
  • Democrats, contact Susan Moon, Chair NKCDC, 804-966-2813,
  • To run as an Independent, the deadline for filing is June 11.

Please note political party affiliation does NOT appear on the ballot.

Great News:  Our newly created Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030)  may also be a valuable source of support for your candidacy.  PNK2030 will soon begin interviews of potential candidates to determine if their political outlook and beliefs support PNK2030 initiatives.  PNK203 has no party affiliation – we are looking to support the best candidates who share our beliefs, regardless of a D, R or I designation.  Review material on this website or at our facebook page to learn more about PNK2030 initiatives and philosophy.  To arrange an interview with PNK2030, contact Joe Dombrowski at 804-932-8240 or 703-474-9804 or joe@newkentwinery.comTime is of the essence – contact Joe soonest!

Below is a list of the current incumbents in each office.  You can contact Larry Clark, NKC Asst Dir of Financial Services at 804-966-9635, or, for compensation data for each of these elected positions or see this Full Page Ad for Nov 2019 Election from the Chronicle.

 Note – Constitutional Office of Clerk of the Court is an 8-year term and is not up for election in 2019.

5 NKC Board of Supervisors:

  • District 1 – Thomas Evelyn
  • District 2 – Tommy Tiller
  • District 3 – Patricia Paige
  • District 4 – Ron Stiers
  • District 5 – Ray Davis

4 Constitutional Officers:

  • Commissioner of Revenue – Laura Ecimovic
  • Commonwealth Attorney – Linwood Gregory
  • Sheriff – Joe McLaughlin
  • Treasurer – Norma Holmes

5 NKC School Board members:

  • District 1 – Adriane Marshall
  • District 2 – Kristin Swynford
  • District 3 – Andrea Staskiel
  • District 4 – Sarah Grier Barber
  • District 5 – Gail Hardinger

Good luck!  This is an exciting way to ensure you, your family, your neighbors and the community get the responsive and responsible local county government we all deserve.  And remember, PNK2030 could possibly also provide big support to your candidacy.  We want New Kent County to be the best possible place to live – with the best possible local government supporting all of us!