PNK2030 to Hold its Third Community Meeting at New Kent Winery



Sandi Gauthier
Chairman, Citizen Outreach Committee
Partnership for New Kent 2030

PNK2030 to Hold its Third Community Meeting at New Kent Winery

Barhamsville, VA – August 3, 2019 – The Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030), a citizen-centric group of public-spirited citizens who aim to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward, today announced that it will hold the third in a series of community-wide meetings to provide information important to every New Kent County citizen and to introduce its endorsed candidates for public office. The event will be held on Sunday, August 11, 5:30-8 pm at the Vineyard Estate at New Kent Winery, New Kent. PNK2030’s Chairman, John B. Poindexter, extends an invitation to everyone to attend this gathering to learn more about PNK2030 initiatives and to discuss the future of the County.

The candidates whom PNK2030 have endorsed and pledged to support include all four of the elective administrative offices in the County, four of five candidates for the Board of Supervisors, three of five School Board candidates and one candidate for Soil and Water Conservation Director. That amounts to nearly every position subject to election in November. Candidates we chose will be at the meeting and everyone will have the opportunity to meet with and hear from each of them.

One vitally important initiative of PNK2030 is to obtain broadband access for all New Kent County residents. Broadband is also paramount to attracting new businesses to New Kent County. Representatives will share with you what is happening as a result of concentrated efforts to bring high quality, affordable broadband Internet access to New Kent County. And everyone should participate in the county-wide questionnaire regarding access – or lack of access – to Internet services.

The Partnership has also been working on land use issues with the county. They’re helping develop a strategic vision for county development from which an updated Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinances must flow.

To learn more about the Partnership for New Kent 2030 and hear from candidates running for local elected office, please attend this event.

Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030) is a newly formed group of public spirited citizens who endeavor to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward for the next decade.

The Partnership does not seek personal power for its members. It has no political party affiliation and rejects any selfish aims. Our sole goal is to help guide this beautiful county through the current period of accelerating growth by leveraging the external forces already at work. We are business-oriented advocates of vigorous but balanced growth, preserving the best of the past, protecting our rural culture, while realizing our shared vision for New Kent County in 2030.

For more information visit the partnership’s website at or contact Sandi Gauthier (

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