PNK2030 Endorsement Information



Sandi Gauthier
Chairman, Citizen Outreach Committee
Partnership for New Kent 2030

PNK2030 Endorsement Information

New Kent County, VA – September 23, 2019 – The Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030), a citizen-centric group of public-spirited citizens who aim to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward, today announced an update to its candidate endorsements.

The Partnership for New Kent 2030 is dedicated to improving our long-term future in New Kent through citizen involvement in strategic planning and comprehensive land use determination including thoughtful zoning ordinances. This will be an enduring effort that requires extensive citizen involvement and open dialogue in public hearings.

Collaboration with our elected and appointed officials now and in the years following the forthcoming November elections is imperative. To ensure collaboration and to help implement these lofty aspirations the Partnership has endorsed candidates, who share our vision, and are running for virtually every elected position in the County, including Joe Dombroski for the Board of Supervisors in District 3.

Recently, as a result of conversations and mutual agreement with Joe, the Partnership decided to withdraw its endorsement of him for reasons other than those mentioned in his recent announcements. Ms. Jo Anna Dombroski resigned as Treasurer of PNK2030 coincidentally with our separation from Joe.

The Partnership is deeply grateful to Joe and Jo Anna Dombroski for their many contributions to the launching and expansion of our now rapidly growing coalition of citizens, from all walks of life, who are striving to better our County’s outlook. The Dombroski’s energy and financial support were instrumental in PNK2030’s early efforts to bring constructive change to New Kent.

If you desire to join us in our efforts to bring positive, planned change to New Kent, please contact Ms. Sandi Gauthier at for a conversation regarding a productive role for you. Thank you for your interest in our collective future!

Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030) is a newly formed group of public spirited citizens who endeavor to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward for the next decade.

The Partnership does not seek personal power for its members. It has no political party affiliation and rejects any selfish aims. Our sole goal is to help guide this beautiful county through the current period of accelerating growth by leveraging the external forces already at work. We are business-oriented advocates of vigorous but balanced growth, preserving the best of the past, protecting our rural culture, while realizing our shared vision for New Kent County in 2030.

For more information visit the partnership’s website at or contact Sandi Gauthier (

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