Strategic Planning Committee 10/21/2019

PNK2030 Strategic Planning Committee
Meeting Minutes
Gauthier Vineyard
Monday, October 21 2019 6:00 pm

Attendance: Mo Gauthier, Tom Gillman, Chuck Ward, Charles Karow, Bob Jeremiah

Broadband Discussion:

Bob & Charles updated the Committee on the last NK Broadband Committee meeting where the Chair, Chris Stone stepped up to lead the discussion and an overview of where we were and where we needed to go. Committee agreed that the direction should be Fiber where possible wireless to the remainder.

Bob updated the visit he made with Rodney Hathaway and Chris Stone to the Eastern Shore Broadband Authority in Exmore, VA. This was a very useful visit. Robert Bridgham, Executive Director was very open and shared everything he could about the history, progress and business plan of the Authority. Their use of an Authority and their business plan is one that could be adapted to New Kent County. They are trying to achieve 100% fiber. They have $6 million in the bank and are in the process of expanding fiber an additional 281 miles. On the return trip to New Kent all agreed that this is an admirable model to adapt and we should discuss with the Broadband Committee to make a recommendation to the BOS to move forward with a design of a system for the county to determine the overall costs.

Consensus of the Strategic Planning Committee – Broadband efforts by the County are moving in a good direction.

NK County Strategic Plan Update:

The County Strategic Planning Committee had narrowed the field of candidates to work with the County in the development of a Strategic Plan to four. These four are scheduled to be interviewed at the next NK Strategic Planning Committee meeting on Oct 28th.

Followup – Charles Karow, Bob Jeremiah attended the Oct 28th meeting. John Lockwood is a member of the Committee. All four candidates were interviewed 3 in person 1 by phone. The Committee chose Arnett Muldrow-Hill Studio for Rodney Hathaway to negotiate with and then to present the recommendation to the BOS. Good choice made to move the county in the coherent planned direction.

Prepared by Bob Jeremiah 11/25/19