Poindexter to create 700 more jobs in Virginia



Sandi Gauthier
Chairman, Citizen Outreach Committee
Partnership for New Kent 2030

Poindexter to create 700 more jobs in Virginia

Barhamsville, VA – October 26, 2019 – The Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030), a citizen-centric group of public-spirited citizens who aim to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward, today announced that John Poindexter formally announced the opening of Morgan Olson’s newest plant in Danville, where he’ll invest nearly $60 million dollars in the former IKEA facility and create over 700 new jobs.

Partnership members are frequently asked, “Who is John Poindexter, Chairman of PNK2030?” The facebook video at the link below (at 20min 40sec) shows you Mr. Poindexter’s most recent endeavor to create good jobs and bring prosperity to his beloved Virginia.


Mr. Poindexter first attempted to bring these jobs to the James City/New Kent County area; however, that did not work out.

PNK2030 is glad to have Mr. Poindexter here in New Kent County and as an important member of the Partnership for New Kent 2030.

Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030) is a newly formed group of public spirited citizens who endeavor to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward for the next decade. The Partnership for New Kent 2030 is made up of citizens who are determined to help the county achieve its best. We are a young association, comprised of lifelong residents, newcomers to the area and everything in between. We are committed to the long term and will work with any administration the voters select.

The Partnership does not seek personal power for its members. It has no political party affiliation and rejects any selfish aims. Our sole goal is to help guide this beautiful county through the current period of accelerating growth by leveraging the external forces already at work. We are business-oriented advocates of vigorous but balanced growth, preserving the best of the past, protecting our rural culture, while realizing our shared vision for New Kent County in 2030.

For more information visit the partnership’s website at http://PNK2030.org or contact Sandi Gauthier (outreach@pnk2030.org).

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