PNK2030 Public Statement on Election Results in New Kent County



Sandi Gauthier
Chairman, Citizen Outreach Committee
Partnership for New Kent 2030

PNK2030 Public Statement on Election Results in New Kent County

Barhamsville, VA – November 9, 2019 – The Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030), a citizen-centric group of public-spirited citizens who aim to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward, today released its statement on election results in New Kent County.

Below is the statement:

PNK2030, a local citizens activist group, congratulates all candidates who presented themselves to New Kent voters in the recent elections. Campaigning is an arduous and lengthy exercise that demonstrates admirable public spirit, a visible form of local patriotism, whether individual victory is achieved or not.

Our Partnership pledges to work with all newly elected officials in the years to come. We are in this for the long haul, just as the year 2030 in our name indicates. The just concluded election is merely the first step in our commitment to do all within our reach to further the interests of New Kent for all citizens.

First, we intend to continue the expansion of our Partnership by augmenting the outreach effort that has added some 500 volunteers and website followers to our ranks.

Second, we will lay out publicly, free of the pressures of election campaigns, our programs so they are clear to any who wish to know them.

Third, we expect to increase our monitoring of our School Board and Board of Supervisors meetings and to publicize their deliberations as we believe informative for the public. And of course we will advocate the composition of a first-ever strategic (long term) plan for the County, an effective land use and zoning program designed to preserve our rural character, and a broadband initiative to improve internet communication everywhere in New Kent.

We thank all citizens for the attention you have devoted to our views in recent months and for your dedication to enhancing New Kent’s future.

Partnership for New Kent 2030 (PNK2030) is a newly formed group of public spirited citizens who endeavor to assist New Kent County in selecting the best path forward for the next decade. The Partnership for New Kent 2030 is made up of citizens who are determined to help the county achieve its best. We are a young association, comprised of lifelong residents, newcomers to the area and everything in between. We are committed to the long term and will work with any administration the voters select.

The Partnership does not seek personal power for its members. It has no political party affiliation and rejects any selfish aims. Our sole goal is to help guide this beautiful county through the current period of accelerating growth by leveraging the external forces already at work. We are business-oriented advocates of vigorous but balanced growth, preserving the best of the past, protecting our rural culture, while realizing our shared vision for New Kent County in 2030.

For more information visit the partnership’s website at or contact Sandi Gauthier (

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