Strategic Plan Steering Committee Meeting 9 March 2020


  • Recap of Community Kickoff Meeting;
  • Project Timeline;
  • Strategy for paper surveys – total of 15 locations – deadline extended to 4/15;
  • Themes/groups for roundtable/focus group discussions;
  • Preliminary Survey Results – Broadband, rural, quiet, grocery stores.

Meeting Notes:

Nine of the 12 Committee members attended plus Rodney Hathaway
Ken Eades, Lisa Guthrie, John Moyer, Paul Robinson, Nick Totten, Bob Jeremiah, Rodell Coffman, Sheila Mitchell, John Archer

Review and approval of the Agenda

Recap of Community Kickoff Meeting – Go to where the results are posted and discussion was on the recap items captured. If you click on Photos all 12 pages of this captured info is there.

The On line citizen survey is available under post on this Facebook page
The Survey is also available at:

Also on this link on the county website are:
Overview of the strategic plan process
Kickoff meeting comment card input
Kickoff meeting discussion input
Strategic Plan Steering Committee

Also showing here is the Project Timeline

Strategy for paper surveys:
The county has printed up the paper surveys and created boxes for them to be put at. Initially these will go into county buildings, restaurants (a total of 15 locations).
Other locations discussed – post offices, in remote locations stores that are used by many residents i.e. (Lanexa – Lanexa Plaza, Stewart’s Grocery), cards with instructions, links, QR code put at locations of paper surveys where the NKCC Chronicle is distributed, Food Lions, Pharmacies, information on surveys given to elementary school students to be brought home to their parents, notice in Chronicle.

Original end date for survey was 3/31 that has been moved to 4/15

Themes/groups for roundtable/focus group discussions
Tentatively scheduled for some time in April.
Chamber of Commerce
Economic Development group
Clergy association
Medium and Large employers
Historic and Green Initiative
Recreation & tourism
School district student government classes
Trades groups-Rappahanock Comm College
Young professionals

Preliminary Survey Results:
280 so far – trends showing so far – Broadband, rural, quiet, grocery stores – I will report more trends in a few days

Open Comments
As we learn more about recent legislation the impacts need to be folded into the Plan – ability of counties to tax like cities can presently do, referendums at 5 locations for allowing casinos.

Next Steps
Preparation for focus groups

Next Meeting
Probably at the end of March or beginning of April

Prepared by Bob Jeremiah