Planning Commission Meeting 20 April 2020


  • Definition of “group” discussed
  • Rezoning application for 5-acre parcel in Providence Forge approved
  • Update on solar farm

Meeting Notes:

On Monday, April 20, 2020 the NKC Planning Commission met via telephone conference call. All commissioners were present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as written.

There were no remarks during the Citizens Comment Period.

There was a short discussion on the definition of groups; a spokesperson for a group is allowed more time during public hearings. Mr. Bennett offered a definition that had been crafted several years ago that defined a group as several people with a common interest, such as a civic group or HOA, but not a group of members of the same family. The commission informally agreed to the use of this definition, with Mr. Bennett to forward the actual wording. No formal action taken.

There was one item scheduled for public hearing: a non-controversial zoning change for a 5 acre parcel in Providence Forge from A-1 (agricultural) to R-1 (residential). The parcel is adjacent to other residential properties, and the owner wishes to subdivide in order to sell a 1-acre lot, thus creating two residential properties. The NKC planning staff recommended approval. The property owner said that the property had been rezoned to A-1 many years ago in hopes of being able to farm it, but it turned out to have poor soil and was not suited for farming. She now wants to rezone back to R-1 so she can subdivide (A-1’s minimum parcel size would prevent subdivision). She offered that the two R-1 lots would provide the county with more tax revenue. Mr. Moyer pointed out that, if a family with a school-aged child moved into the newly-created parcel, then the county wold actually be $8,000- $9,000 in the hole because the cost of educating the child would be greater that the tax revenue. He also expressed concern about the parcel’s having been taxed at the lower agricultural rate while actually being residential. Ultimately the application was sent to the BoS with a favorable recommendation by unanimous vote.

Finally, there was a report by Planning Director Kelli LeDuc on the proposed solar farm on Olivet Church Road across from the county refuse site.

Ms. LeDuc stated that there have been no applications or other items submitted, so there appears to be no business for the May meeting, and it may be canceled.

Prepared by Charles Karow

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