In 2018, a series of actions and inactions by local government drew the attention of a group of New Kent County citizens. Some of these citizens were generational residents while others had arrived in the last decade or two. This New Kent County group of like-minded citizens would eventually form PNK2030. Discussions lead to the formation of a committee structure consisting of five committees, with the proviso that the chairmen of the five committees would comprise the PNK2030 Executive Committee (“EXCOMM”).

The first steps on the path forward were to form a committed group called Partnership for New Kent 2030, define a shared vision, raise funds and enlist the participation of every interested citizen.

The PNK2030 initiative commenced with in-depth research of the Comprehensive Plan and Ordinances. This will be followed with forensic analysis of County financials, beginning with the just released Consolidated Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for Fiscal Year which ended June 30, 2018. We recruited and hired an eminently qualified professional to provide us with analysis of these documents. We anticipate the findings and recommendations will be prominently featured in our Strategic Plan.

PNK2030 believes in the application of fiscal rigor in budgeting for county operations, bond issues and capital deployments. A basic tenet of such rigor entails running our county as a business and living within our means. County leaders, their appointees, and their employees must hold themselves fiscally accountable to the residents. Citizens are entitled to know where every penny of their taxpayer money goes and be provided with assurances monies are being expended in the most fiduciary sound manner.

The Partnership does not seek personal power for its members. It has no political party affiliation and rejects any selfish aims. Our sole goal is to help guide this beautiful county through the current period of accelerating growth by leveraging the external forces already at work. We are business-oriented advocates of vigorous but balanced growth, preserving the best of the past, protecting our rural culture, while realizing our shared vision for New Kent County in 2030.

Our vision is New Kent County will remain a distinctive community for our citizens; celebrating our heritage, preserving our rural character and quality of life, and welcoming to all who wish to contribute.