The Partnership for New Kent is made up of folks from all over the county, the nation and the world. We are businessmen and women, employees, retirees, entrepreneurs, and self-employed folks. We are farmers, engineers, secretaries, teachers, attorneys, military, financiers, mechanics, IT gurus and shop keepers. In sum, we are people with many life experiences and identities who believe in the worth and dignity of all.

Whether generational residents or newly arrived, New Kent County is our chosen home. We love living here and raising our families here. We also know the county is at a crossroads. We’ve come together, in PNK, to assist in the orderly and smart growth of this extraordinary community. We welcome and encourage others to join this effort – for the benefit of every resident. We know you get the government and community you deserve and work for. We’re committed to obtaining the very best for New Kent.

PNK is composed of eight committees and the chairmen of the eight committees comprise the Executive Committee (“EXCOMM”). The chairmen of the committees are recruiting committee members representing a geographical, ideological, and professional cross section of the County.

Here’s a roster of the PNK volunteers (as of 16 June 2020) who are working within our committees:

Chair: TBD

Executive Committee (EXCOMM): the Chairs of all Committees as well as the Secretary and Treasurer. The EXCOMM is the executive arm of the Partnership.

Secretary: P Karow


Treasurer: Michele Ward

Citizens’ Outreach: Sandi Gauthier, Chair; Linda Martin, April Noland, Terri Peterson.

Education: Paul Ross, Chair;

Financial Oversight: Bill Francavilla, Chair; Deb Briggs, Gail Gilden, Ron Gilden, Joe Phillips.

Governance: TBD, Chair; Deb Briggs, Jill Cruz, Linwood Gregory, Robert Hopewell, Taylor Moore, Paul Ross.

Infrastructure: Robert Hopewell, Chair; Muriel Rodriguez.

Land Use and Ordinances: Eric Cruz, Chair; John Britt, Linwood Gregory, Jerry Hoffman, Taylor Moore, Larry Reynolds, John Stump.

Social and Health Services: Deb Briggs, Chair; Jill Cruz, Gail Gilden, George McBeath.

Strategic Planning: Mo Gauthier, Chair; Tom Gillman, Robert Jeremiah, Charles Karow, Chuck Ward.