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School Board Meeting 13 April 2020

Summary: The meeting was held virtually due to public health restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19; The School Division staff was praised for spectacular performance during challenging times; The Board noted that April was Military Child Month, Autism Awareness Month, and School Library Month; There were no citizen comments or emails; The final discussion item was presented by Ms. Pitts (HR Director) concerning the health care and wellness of Division employees. Meeting Notes: All members of the NKC School Board were present. The Continue reading →

New Kent County Budget 2020 Impact of Coronavirus

April 3, 2020 (Updated: April 8) Every county, municipality, state and our federal government’s budget expectations have been completely derailed due to the sudden onset of an unexpected and unprecedented event. Government’s response demands constituent support as well as our alert attention. Consider that some analysts anticipate unemployment as high as 33% (Jeffrey Gundlach, founder of Double Line LP and former head of TCW Total Return Fund, March 30, 2020). Morgan Stanley suggests that 2nd quarter unemployment may reach 17%. These would be unprecedented levels. Continue reading →

School Board Meeting 30 March 2020

Summary: It was a scheduled public hearing concerning the proposed NKC School Division upcoming budget; The meeting was held virtually due to public health restrictions in place as a result of COVID-19; Five (5) comments were submitted; Superintendent Nicholsor or the staff would get back to the respective respondent; The School Division would continue to move forward with redistricting planning (to stay on track) even though County funding for the new school was in question. Meeting Notes: All members of the NKC School Board were Continue reading →

Strategic Plan Steering Committee Meeting 9 March 2020

Summary: Recap of Community Kickoff Meeting; Project Timeline; Strategy for paper surveys – total of 15 locations – deadline extended to 4/15; Themes/groups for roundtable/focus group discussions; Preliminary Survey Results – Broadband, rural, quiet, grocery stores. Meeting Notes: Nine of the 12 Committee members attended plus Rodney Hathaway Ken Eades, Lisa Guthrie, John Moyer, Paul Robinson, Nick Totten, Bob Jeremiah, Rodell Coffman, Sheila Mitchell, John Archer Review and approval of the Agenda Recap of Community Kickoff Meeting – Go to where the results are Continue reading →

Executive Committee Meeting 7 March 2020

The Partnership for New Kent Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Cumberland Plantation Saturday, March 7 2020 10:00 am Attendance: John Poindexter, Deb Briggs, Bill Francavilla, Kate Ferris, Linwood Gregory, Bob Hopewell, Charles and Pornwadee Karow, Linda Martin, George McBeath, Taylor Moore, Joe Phillips, Larry and Patricia Reynolds, and Paul Ross At 10:01 am, the Chairman of the Partnership for New Kent, John Poindexter, called the meeting to order. First, Chairman Poindexter told the group about the meetings he had with three New Kent County supervisors (Patricia Continue reading →

School Board Meeting 2 March 2020

Summary: Discussion on the latest new policy, the School Division’s Equity Policy encompassing diversity, inclusion, and belonging. Discussion on the capital improvement fund: Transfer from fund of $191,500 was requested to fund one new school bus ($117.5K) and upgrade the lights at High School stadium ($74K). No confirmed cases of the Corona-19 virus in Virginia. Joint BoS/School Board budget work session on 13 March. Discussion on the redistricting plan caused by the planned opening of the new elementary school in Aug 21. Meeting Notes: All Continue reading →

Planning Commission Meeting 18 February 2020

Summary: Amy Pierson (D3) elected chair; Laura Rose (D1) elected vice-chair; Joseph Davis (D5) and Gary LaRochelle (D4) replaced retired Edward Pollard and Richard Kontny; Schedule for new Solar Farm public meeting; No new business discussion. Meeting Notes: All commissioners were present. Two commissioners have retired, Edward Pollard and Richard Kontny. The commissioners replacing them are, Joseph Davis and Gary LaRochelle. The only business was to elect 2020 officers. They are the following: Chair, Amy Pierson (D3) Vice Chair, Laura Rose (D1) Public Hearing Chair, Continue reading →

School Board Work Session Meeting 18 February 2020

Summary: Update on the progress of the new school project; Discussion of budget matters; Discussion of the School Division’s cell phone policy. Meeting Notes: All members of the NKC School Board were present. The meeting was called to order at 1802. I was the only citizen in attendance in addition to all of the Superintendent’s senior staff. The primary purpose of the meeting was to update Board members on the progress of the new school project (New Kent Elementary School #3). In summary, the site Continue reading →

BoS Business Meeting 10 February 2020

Summary: NKC natives and officials recognized; Racial intolerance decried; Equivalence of Broadband and water/sewer infrastructure claimed; VDOT Speed Studies explained; Meeting Notes: All NKC Supervisors were present. Recognition: The meeting began with recognition (posthumously) of Jesse Alfred Meekins, a longtime New Kent resident and a command sergeant major in the United States Army, who was the first African-American appointed to guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, and special recognition of retiring officials: W.R. Davis, District 5 Supervisor for 20 years Continue reading →

School Board Meeting 3 February 2020

Summary: Presentations on African American History and technical career education. Citizen comment period dominated by the president of the NKC Youth Republican Club, who spoke about the NKC Republican Committee and the School Division’s suppression of Club’s first amendment rights to free speech and expression. Superintendent Nichols asks county to borrow $37 million for new elementary school, and proposes 6.6% increase in operating budget for next year. Superintendent Nichols proposes spending $64,000 on redistricting consultant, Cropper GIS. Meeting Notes: All members of the NKC School Continue reading →