Strategic Planning Committee 9/16/2019

Minutes of the September 16, 2019 PNK2030 Strategic Planning Committee at 5000 Farmers Drive, Barhamsville, VA 23011 At 6:00 pm, the Chairman of PNK2030 Strategic Planning Committee (SPC), Mo Gauthier, called the meeting to order. The attendees were Bob Jeremiah, Charles Karow, and Chuck Ward. The first order of business was a report by Bob Jeremiah and Charles Karow on the two most recent meetings of the New Kent County Broadband Advisory Committee (NKCBBAC). At the August 29 meeting, Chuck Ward and Charles Karow presented Continue reading →

Strategic Planning Committee 10/21/2019

PNK2030 Strategic Planning Committee Meeting Minutes Gauthier Vineyard Monday, October 21 2019 6:00 pm Attendance: Mo Gauthier, Tom Gillman, Chuck Ward, Charles Karow, Bob Jeremiah Broadband Discussion: Bob & Charles updated the Committee on the last NK Broadband Committee meeting where the Chair, Chris Stone stepped up to lead the discussion and an overview of where we were and where we needed to go. Committee agreed that the direction should be Fiber where possible wireless to the remainder. Bob updated the visit he made with Continue reading →