Dr. Gail Hardinge

For District 5 New Kent School Board Member

Dr. Hardinge is a third generation New Kent resident. She has spent her life working in a variety of educational settings. Gail has worked in K – 12 as an educational psychologist for 19 years and as a clinical professor in education at the College of William and Mary for the last 14 years. Her professional roles have included; educational psychologist, program developer, evaluator of formal and informal educational programs, as well as, developer of adult career planning programs.

Gail is currently the Executive Director of the Virginia Center Troops to Teachers, a program, funded through the Department of Defense, helping veterans become teachers.

Dr. Hardinge has served on the New Kent County school board for 16 years, during which time she has served as board member and vice chair. She is currently the board chair for CodeRVA Regional High School serving students in New Kent and 14 other school districts in the Richmond Metropolitan area.

When you speak one-on-one with Gail, her passion for providing the best education venues for New Kent youth becomes evident.