John Joseph McLaughlin, Jr.

For New Kent Sheriff

Joe McLaughlin has been a resident of New Kent County for most of his life.

Joe graduated from New Kent High School and then VCU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration of Justice.

Joe spent a large portion of his law enforcement career in the New Kent Sheriff’s Office. He began as a deputy sheriff and county firefighter in 1981, and held a progression of positions, including; Investigation Sargent, Captain, Chief Deputy and now Sheriff of New Kent County. He is recognized by his peers throughout Virginia for his knowledge, capabilities and proactive approach in maintaining a safe environment throughout our county. Recently, Sheriff McLaughlin saw the issue of drug/opioid abuse arising in New Kent. To ensure this national epidemic is not ignored in our county, he has convened a multi-disciplinary task force to determine what programs, services and resources are needed to proactively address the problem before it becomes a crisis.

Joe’s life-long dedication to this county is apparent when you have an opportunity to speak one on one. He is not only dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for all residents, he is also focused on the future of New Kent County….maintaining its unique culture while balancing the need for attacking the right businesses and services, providing excellent educational opportunities and ensuring public services meet the needs of New Kent County citizens over the next decade and beyond.

His is married to Robyn and a proud father of three boys and grandfather of six more boys.