Kate Ferris

For District 2 Board of Supervisor

Kate Ferris is a true entrepreneur, owning and managing the largest child-care center in the county. This year she expanded her business portfolio, Kate and her partner have established “New Kent Tours”, the only tourism company based in New Kent, featuring the beauty, culture and wonderful businesses within the county.

Kate has been and continues to be involved in numerous advisory committees and organizations focused on improving New Kent County. Presently, Kate is a member of the Broadband Advisory Committee, is active member and former President of the New Kent Chamber of Commerce, former chair of “A Taste of New Kent” and remains active in the New Kent Rotary Club.

Ms. Ferris graduated from Texas Tech University.

When the PNK 2030 Governance Committee interviewed Ms. Ferris, it was evident she had contemplated the strengths and challenges within our county, now and in the future. Several areas she highlighted; New ordinances requiring greater business diversity, A proactive approach to attracting the “best” businesses, Offsetting the tax burden from residential taxes by creating a better balance with a commercial tax base, Ensuring ordinances and regulations require landscaping and building aesthetic within commercial developments and Reevaluating the current “Special Utility District” revenue tax.