Larry Clark

For New Kent Treasurer

Larry Clark

Larry Clark is a life-long resident of eastern Henrico and New Kent counties.

Larry has over 32 years of government finance experience. He currently holds the position of Assistant Director of Finance for New Kent County and understands the challenges New Kent is facing. Detailed in his candidate goals and objectives, include; improving New Kent’s procurement policies and procedures, creating a Treasurer’s Office policy and procedural manual, streamlining payment and business processes and establishing an Investment Advisory Committee (as examples).

Mr. Clark holds the certification as a Public Accountant, is the chairman of the New Kent Community and Policy Team, is an educator teaching classes for current and future treasurers and finance professionals, and, is an expert in budget and debt management, as well as investment and financial reporting.

Larry is the recipient of the Government Finance Officers Association, “Distinguished Budget Award” and their “Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting”.

He believes the three of the critical challenges New Kent is facing, include; updating the County’s Comprehensive Plan, expanding the County’s revenue base with new business-related revenue and developing alternatives to ground water withdrawals.